Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) is an innovative framework that is based on neuro-insights, with profound transformational potency. It creates deeper connections with others even in the face of conflicting points of view. When we use C-IQ skills, this creates higher levels of trust, of partnering and of co-creating behaviors. Relationships move from an I-centric, protect world to a WE-centric, co-creative world. This is the power of Conversational Intelligence. This innovative framework is based on neuro-insights, with profound transformational potency.

The C-IQ framework has been developed by Judith E. Glaser, who passed away in November 2016. Read the blog “In memoriam Judith E. Glaser”.

Click here to visit Sonja’ page at the international network of certified C-IQ coaches.

Sonja is an active member of C-IQ Europe, a collective of certified C-IQ coaches. They work mainly online and come together for yearly Master Mind Meeting, this year (September 2019) in Stockholm for the co creation of a product for middle managers. Our aspiration is that our product goes beyond what is on the market already. That it covers areas and challenges managers and teamleaders struggle with and can’t easily find help to solve.