Conversations for Leadership,

Connection and Dialogue

Attune helps people in teams, organizations and relationships

at key issues that touch the heart and get the best out of conversations.

We do this with insights from neuroscience,

the positive psychology and communication skills

that bring relationships to a higher level of trust and collaboration.

- Every transformation starts with a good conversation -

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Conversations with Impact

When was the last time you had a really good conversation? A conversation that not only consists of two linked monologues, as it often happens. In that real good conversation you hear yourself say things that you didn't know about yourself before, you hear how the words the other person tells resonate in you. Words that you thought you had lost and words that make the conversation so lively that together you reach a different wavelength. In your experience, that good conversation still has an impact.

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Our approach

For the guidance of individual, team and organization,

we use professional methodologies for supervision and coaching such as Organization and Relation System Coaching®, Focusing®, Team Coaching International® and Narrative Coaching®. Attune is a specialist in coaching based on innovative insights from neurosciences such as Conversational Intelligence®, Whole Brain® and Neurozone®.

We support this with professional online analyzes for well-being and resilience, preventing burnout, optimizing brain-body integration, developing leadership and selecting, recognizing and developing talent and thinking preferences.

Sonja Vlaar supports with:

  • Personal development / leadership

  • Accelerating choices for work, life and learning

  • insight into the functioning of your brain.

I will do that:

  • Individual and team, interactive, physical and digital or blended

  • Analysis of Talents and Competencies and Talent management with TMAM method.

  • Coaching - Intervision - Supervision - Talent Diagnosis - Talent Management - Facilitation of Workshops - Training - Speaking sessions

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July 7th, 2020|

Most people agree that being happy is more important than being right. But if that's true, why do so many persons frequently choose the opposite? In doing so, they either blame themselves (“I am [...]

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Sonja has the gift of discovering “the question behind the question” from a natural empathic capacity, even if someone could not reach it before. This makes Sonja a challenging and intelligent sparring partner for high professionals from all directions.

Sonja can get to the heart of things and puts his finger on the sore spot. She does this in a very empathetic and respectful way. She knows how to handle sensitive things very well and has no judgment. What I also noticed is that she has a lot of knowledge and various "tools" that she can use.

Sonja's approach is focused on your own practice. She "mirrors" in a decisive yet friendly manner. I experience it as a natural and "feeling together". The result is that I have gained better insight and extra confidence in my talents. Sonja provides insight into why your behavior and the role that suits you well. Chapeau!