"Every brain is unique,
every person has unique talents “

Attune helps people in teams, organizations and relationships

not to waste any more time on miscommunication

and get the best out of thinking power and talents.

We do this with insights from neuroscience

and with skills that transform conversations

to a higher level of confidence.

- Every transformation starts with a good conversation -

Coaching Intervision Supervision | Talent Assessment Talent Management | Facilitation Training | Speaking engagements

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How to become more Intelligent in Conversations? Go beyond Emotional - and Social Intelligence. Find your self score in 10 minutes

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Conversations with Impact

"Conversations with Impact" is the result for executives, managers and executives as well as their teams and partnerships, who conduct conversations with which they raise trust and cooperation to a higher level.

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For the guidance of individual, team and organization,

we use professional methodologies for supervision and coaching such as Organization and Relation System Coaching®, Focusing®, Team Coaching International®, Narrative Coaching®, Conversational Intelligence® with innovative applications of insights from neurochemistry and neurobiology.

We support this with professional online analyzes for selecting, recognizing and developing talent, thinking preferences and 360 ° feedback.

Sonja Vlaar supports with:

  • Personal development / leadership

  • Accelerating choices for work, life and learning

  • insight into the functioning of your brain.

I will do that:

  • Individual and team, interactive, physical and digital or blended

  • Analysis of Talents and Competencies and Talent management with TMAM method.

  • Coaching - Intervision - Supervision - Talent Diagnosis - Talent Management - Facilitation of Workshops - Training - Speaking sessions

You learn to tune into multiple levels of intelligence:

  • Emotional intelligence: tuning in to yourself, to your "self"

  • Social intelligence: tuning in to the other, to 'you'

  • Relational intelligence: tuning in to "we" and the energy of relationships

  • Team intelligence: tuning in to co-creation and the success of collaboration

  • Brain intelligence: tuning into the functions of your brain

Learn how you can use these intelligences in conversations and lift cooperation to a higher level of trust.

Sonja has the gift of discovering “the question behind the question” from a natural empathic capacity, even if someone could not reach it before. This makes Sonja a challenging and intelligent sparring partner for high professionals from all directions.

Sonja can get to the heart of things and puts his finger on the sore spot. She does this in a very empathetic and respectful way. She knows how to handle sensitive things very well and has no judgment. What I also noticed is that she has a lot of knowledge and various "tools" that she can use.

Sonja's approach is focused on your own practice. She "mirrors" in a decisive yet friendly manner. I experience it as a natural and "feeling together". The result is that I have gained better insight and extra confidence in my talents. Sonja provides insight into why your behavior and the role that suits you well. Chapeau!